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The Center for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainable Development (CAISD) is a Georgia-based not-for-profit organization founded as a public charity 501© (3), on December 23, 2014 in the state of Georgia, USA.CAISD’s mission is to promote healthy living by helping families and communities to grow their own popular vegetables and consume nutritive and healthy foods. CAISD enables families and communities irrespective of their socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to grow their own (home and community) vegetables important in increasing their consumption. CAISD operates on the Kitchen Garden Model (KGM).

CAISD is also promoting the production of some very popular African leafy vegetables (ALVs), in the US. This system of agriculture is what CAISD defines as “Socio-Agriculture”: agriculture driven by culture, habits, tradition, ethnicity and migration of a people. Being a country of diversity and migrants from all over the world, the US has a pretty large population of African immigrants of all ages, especially mothers and fathers, whose entire livelihoods before migrating to the US were dependent mainly on farming. These African migrants, while thinking of what to do at home even for fun,as they are either too old or do not have any education to find jobs some of them are already growing some of the common African Leafy vegetables on flower beds around their homes. It should be noted that these vegetables are nutritious and have bio-botanical properties as well. Among the popular African leafy vegetables ( their scientific and their common Cameroon local names in parenthesis) are: Amaranths spinosus (Greens), Cochorus (Klenklen), Vernonia hymenolepus (Sweet bitter leaf), Vernonia amygdalina (Bitter leaf), Hibiscus sabdariffa (Folere), Talinum triangulare (Waterleaf), Telfarica occidentalis (Okongobong), Solanum macrocarpon (Anchia), and Solanum scarbrum (Huckleberry).


Make nutritive and healthy vegetables easily accessible to needy families and communities.


The overall goal of CAISD, Inc., is to enhance the access and consumption of healthy vegetables in identified communities.
Specifically CAISD,
i. provides families and communities the means, knowhow, and opportunities to grow their own vegetables using kitchen and community gardens.
ii. provides/supplies needy families with healthy vegetables to basically enrich their nutrition
iii uses social media to popularize the activities of the organization(inform, disseminate pictures, videos, create awareness) and seek support/donations for the organization’s activities.

Why Vegetables

CAISD is inspired by the numerous work, publications and reports on the nutritional and health benefits of vegetables, some of which are cited below:


i) CAISD will grow vegetables each year at its headquarters in Dalton,

ii) Identify local institutions, families and communities to work with and support.

iii) Network with organizations/institutions (local, national, international) with similar objectives.

Funding Sources of CAISD

i) Donations (cash and kind), tax deductible

ii) Projects and proposals

Networking and Membership

    – World Vegetable Center (AVRDC)

    – Honorary member of the Georgia fruit and vegetables growers association (GFVGA).