About Us


Make nutritive and healthy vegetables easily accessible to needy families and communities.


The overall goal of CAISD, Inc., is to enhance the access and consumption of healthy vegetables in identified communities.

Specifically CAISD...

  • provides families and communities the means, knowhow, and opportunities to grow their own vegetables using kitchen and community gardens.

  • provides/supplies needy families with healthy vegetables to basically enrich their nutrition

  • uses social media to popularize the activities of the organization(inform, disseminate pictures, videos, create awareness) and seek support/donations for the organization’s activities.

Why Vegetables

CAISD is inspired by the numerous work, publications and reports on the nutritional and health benefits of vegetables, some of which are cited below:

  • SIX VEGETABLES THAT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE: Swiss chard, Argula, Collard Green, Bok Choy, Kale and watercress leafy vegetables by Timothy Gower, 2014. Men’s Journal
  • Margaret Nearing, 2016 “ SIX HEALTH BENEFITS OF LEAFY GREENS” in Best Health Magazine, where Margaret makes the point that whether you sneak them into a smoothie or serve them in a salad, leafy greens boast loads of benefits.
  • “SIX PRIMARY NUTRIENTS PROVIDED BY VEGETABLES”, reported in Demand Media by Susan Roberts, highlighting the numerous health benefits obtained from eating a vegetable-rich diet. Susan’s research points to lower risks for heart disease, stroke, obesity, kidney stones, certain cancers, type2 diabetes and bone loss disorders. The six primary nutrients provided by vegetables are fiber, foliate, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.
  • The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food: “Boost Your Health and Your Bottom Line”, by Liza Barnes and Nicole Nichols, Health Educators.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama, 2009. “American Grown: The story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. The book gives details of the challenges and joys the First Lady has experienced with her famous White House garden and looks at community gardens all across America, and how they can improve health.
  • Many years of work experience in carrying out and directing multidisciplinary, socio-economics, farming systems research and Outreach on Food crops and African Leafy Vegetables by the CEO.


  • CAISD will grow vegetables each year at its headquarters in Dalton,
  • Identify local institutions, families and communities to work with and support.
  • Network with organizations/institutions (local, national, international) with similar objectives.

Funding Sources of CAISD

  • Donations (cash and kind), tax deductible
  • Projects and proposals

Networking and Membership

  • World Vegetable Center (AVRDC)
  • Honorary member of the Georgia fruit and vegetables growers association (GFVGA).
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