Our Team

Manfred Besong, PhD

Founder/Managing Director

Having worked with state governments, the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development, and the African Development Bank, Manfred is an expert in agricultural economics and farming systems research and extension. He is very passionate about and skilled in sustainable food production, community development, and transferring adoptable technologies to farmers.

Donna Binda, MBA

Financial Advisor

Donna is a Vice President and Financial Center Manager at Bank of America. She has over 10 years of private and business banking and finance advisory experience.

Vida Awasom, PharmD

Health & Wellness Advisor

Vida is a Pharmacist with over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and Rwanda.

Ed Besong, Esq./CPA

Legal/Project Advisor

Ed is a licensed CPA and Attorney, an educator, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur based out of New York City. Currently, Ed oversees the Besong & Associates corporate and tax law firm, the EdBesong custom-clothing line, and the Besongsmile nonprofit organization, and he has been a visiting/adjunct professor of accounting and business at Wilmington College since 2018. Ed and his wife Kate enjoy listening to podcasts and audio books, going on long walks or hikes, and traveling across the world.

Ngane Ashu Bessem, M.Sc.

Agricultural Sustainability Advisor

Bessem is a Soils, Water, and Plants Laboratory Lead at the Institute of Research and Development, Cameroon, with over 20 years of specific industry experience.

Lewis Dopgima Levai, PhD

Agricultural Innovation Advisor

Lewis is a Regional Chief of Service for Scientific Research, Cameroon, with over 20 years of specific industry experience.
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